Ondulati ed Imballaggi del Friuli S.p.A. is a company specialized in the production of corrugated cardboard packaging (American crates, die-cut boxes, beehives, displays, corners) for international customers such as Unilever, Ikea, Norbert Marcher, Alpla Werke, Ljubljanske Mlekarne.

During 2019, in the Villesse(GO) plant, the installation and commissioning of a cogeneration system was completed, consisting of 6 gas turbines supplied by Ansaldo Energia, 6 post-combustors produced by Thermosanita srl and n heat  recovery steam generator built and commissioned by Svecom-P.E. S.r.l..

The design of the plant and the coordination of the works were entrusted to Studio Tecnico Ing.Berna, of San Stino di Livenza.

The plant produces electricity through turbines and at the same time generates steam through the recuperator supplied by us. The generator, in fact, uses the exhaust gases produced by the turbines and further heated-up by the afterburners and produces saturated steam at 16 bar.

The main components of the boiler are

  • Smoke tube evaporator, with supporting frame, external insulation in mineral wool, smoke inlet chamber internally lined by refractory and smoke outlet chamber
  • Finned tube economizer installed downstream of the evaporator
  • Feeding unit with two centrifugal pumps and automatic flow control valve
  • Set of accessories for the adjustment and safety of the equipment
  • Boiler control panel

In order to achieve a high efficiency, the system works in closed circuit with almost total condensation recovery. This is collected in a special pressurized tank at 130-140°C and from there it is pumped into the generator by the feed unit integrated in the boiler.

The steam produced goes to the corrugator, which, by its nature, has a strongly discontinuous steam consumption. The integrated control system with afterburners and flue gas by-pass, as well as the design of the steam generator with large volume of water, make it possible to cope with continuous load changes. In addition, an auxiliary boiler with autonomous burner comes into operation automatically, if necessary, to cover any peaks that exceed the production capacity of the cogeneration plant.

All the parameters and working settings of the generator can be controlled through the control panel, in particular through its colour touch screen which acts as an interface with the internal PLC. The intuitive menu and synoptic graphics allow an easy and effective use and a quick learning curve for the operators. All information relating to boiler operation is transmitted in real time via the company’s Ethernet network with Modbus TCP/IP protocol and can be easily displayed in the control room or even, if necessary, transmitted to an external supervisor.

With this supply, Svecom-P.E. S.r.l. contributes to the general improvement of the energy efficiency of our industrial system, the saving of fossil resources and the reduction of the emissions of harmful compounds and CO2.


Model NG/EG 5000/18
Type Generatore di vapore a recupero termico a tubi da fumo
Evaporator design pressure 18 bar(g)
Evaporator working pressure 16 bar(g)
Feed water inlet temperature 130°C
Flue gas input 21902 kg/h a 650°C
Steam output 5083 kg/h