We design and manufacture recuperators for heat recovery for different types of industrial and marine applications. Our recuperators use exhaust fumes from motors, electric generators, ovens, incinerators and other industrial processes and transfer heat to a secondary fluid, which can be steam, water, diathermic oil or even air.Each individual recuperator is specifically designed for its specific destination, based on the quantities, temperature and chemical / physical characteristics of the fumes, as well as taking into account the performance requirements and any dimensional or environmental constraints.

Various construction types can be realized: one or more passes, coil type, or with bundles tubes smooth or finned. Large steam generators are also produced, water tube type, natural or forced circulation. Orientation can be both horizontal and vertical.

The recuperators are remarkably customizable, as well as from the point of view of the sizing and yield of the equipment, the control and the management system.

All generators are designed, tested, built according to the latest regulations and can be certified according to PED, ASME, naval or other regulations depending on the country of installation.

The installation of a recuperator guarantees remarkable energy savings and helps reduce the emissions of harmful and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.