Thermic oil heat generators

We produce industrial coil-fired diathermic oil boilers with capacities from 150.000 to 7.000.000 kcal/h and electric boilers for capacities from 10 to 500 kw.

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How they work

Diathermic oil heat generators work by pumping diathermic oil within a circle of helical pipes that carry it to the boiler during the heating phase. Once it has finished its work, the thermal liquid returns, as it cools to its point of principle.


Compared with steam systems, the advantage of diathermic fluid lies in the fact that it is a nonflammable liquid material that provides high temperatures (above 300°), but at the same time does not subject the system to high pressures such as those generated by evaporating water; in addition, it does not require frequent boiler maintenance, so it results in lower operating costs for the company.

In addition to providing greater safety (low risk of explosion and non-flammability) and low maintenance expenses, this type of fuel is consumed very slowly, so the heat generator will not need constant topping up, just periodically checking the state of the fuel and going to intervene only when necessary.

Areas of application

These systems are used for industrial heating and heat generation especially in the petrochemical industry or in areas where there is the presence of easily flammable gases or fluids such as methane or oil. In particular, industrial boilers of this type are used, for example, for heating of:

  • natural gas or online;
  • crude oil;
  • submarine ships or vessels;
  • die-casting plants.

Types of plant

Various options are available such as one or more circulation pumps connected to the heat generator, burners for different fuels, combustion air preheaters, horizontal and vertical configurations to fit any type of space.

All heat generators are designed, tested, built based on the latest regulations and can be certified according to PED, ASME, naval bodies or other regulations depending on the country of installation.

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