Steam generator for edible oils treatment plant

Boiler realized by Garioni Naval for the South East Asian market

Garioni Naval GMT/HP model

Garioni Naval has been producing for many years a series of boiler specifically designed for edible oils treatment plants.

The latest in chronological order is a GMT/HP800, destined to a well-known company in the sector and to be installed in one of its plants in South East Asia.

The ideal system for oil deodorization plants

In the food industry the use of diathermic oil boilers is forbidden because of the intrinsic danger of pollution. The GMT/HP800 boiler, on the other hand, uses high pressure steam (design pressure up to 110 bar) and this makes it the ideal system for oil deodorization plants.

These generators, running on gaseous or liquid fuel, operate without a condensate drain, without water treatment and without circulation pump. They are simple to install and do not require manifolds or special connections.

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In this specific supply the GMT/HP800 boiler has been equipped with an additional exchanger that preheats the combustion air at the expense of the flue gases, so as to increase the overall efficiency. The natural gas burner is equipped with automatic oxygen control and its combustion, combined with the dimensions of the firebox, guarantees low NOx emissions.

Garioni Naval guarantees worldwide technical service

In addition to the normal instrumentation, which allows the monitoring of the steam pressure and temperature and of the smoke temperature, there are also indications of the pressure of the combustion air on the fan and the level of water inside the system, measured through a differential pressure transmitter.

The control panel can also remotely receive the working pressure value, on the basis of which the burner is regulated. In this way, the boiler can operate in cascade with the exchanger, according to the actual heating needs of the secondary fluid.

For this and for all the installed systems, Garioni Naval guarantees the necessary technical service, before and after sales, all over the world.

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