A typical example of a naval heating system is the one recently installed on the P310 hybrid ferry built in Gdynia by the Crist shipyard. For this vessel, intended to face the cold waters of the Baltic Sea, we have supplied the main components of the thermal power plant including, in particular:

  • a hot water boiler with marine oil burner MGO and electrical resistors as auxiliary heating source
  • a water pumping unit to double pump
  • a pressurized expansion tank
  • a refill tank
  • a fuel oil transfer uni
  • an electrical panel for the control of all the equipment.

Boilers and pressure tanks are designed, equipped, tested and certified according to the DNVGL regulations, according to the classification of the vessel.

In addition to the construction, we took care of commissioning by sending a qualified technician to the field.

The ship, designed to transport up to 372 people and 90 vehicles, was launched on 17 February 2017 and is now used as a ferry by a Finnish transport company.

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