Garioni Naval builds an entire thermal power station in Northeast Italy

Generator with instant vaporization installed inside a container

Garioni Naval’s many services

Garioni Naval’s service is not limited to building steam generators, if necessary, it can involve the complete realization of thermal power stations at the installation place or inside transportable containers.

This installation commissioned by one of the leading companies in the construction field in Northeast Italy can be a typical example.

We are talking about a small generator with instant vaporization installed inside a 20’ container suitably modified.

Technical characteristics:

  • Steam production 500 kg/h
  • Project pressure 7.8 bar
  • LPG fuel

The boiler, by virtue of its limited water content, remains outside the field of application of the ministerial decree 329/04, therefore it is exempted from the obligation to report to INAIL (National Institute for Insurance Against Accidents at Work), as well as from the continuous presence of the licensed conductor.

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Guaranteed thermal insulation and ventilation system

The container is equipped with thermal insulation made of fireproof material (reaction to fire class 0), side access door, internal lighting, and ventilation openings.

All the boiler’s connections (water entrance, steam exit, fuel entrance, smoke outlets) are drawn up to the perimeter walls of the container with air cased pipes when necessary.

The electrical wiring involves power distribution for the lighting and the boiler control panel, instlled inside the container too.

An autonomous and complete thermal power station

The realization constitutes an autonomous thermal power station complying with fire regulations, thus exempting the client from building a dedicated space with all the obligations that this would cause.

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