For steam generation in large installations or in particularly heavy applications, water tube boilers are the ideal solution. With this type it is possible to produce up to 50 ton/h of steam, saturated or superheated, with pressures up to 50 barg.

Since work conditions can be significantly variable in terms of pressure, temperature, flow rate, fuel or heat source, these devices are typically tailor-made for specific applications. The constructive features are defined on the basis of actual needs and can include smooth or finned tubes, natural or forced circulation, horizontal or vertical orientation.

They can be a direct flame or heat recovery from flue gases originated by external sources such as combustion of biomass, incineration or industrial processes.

The control system is also provided for a fully automatic and safe operation of the equipment.

All generators are designed, tested, built on the basis of the latest regulations and can be certified according to PED, ASME, marine or other standards depending on the country of installation.