We design and manufacture various types of complement accessories for steam, water and thermal oil. The main products are:
Model Type Min capacity Max capacity
ATH Atmospheric thermophysical degasser for condensate collection and boiler water supply. It is equipped with an automatic heating system, made by steam injection, to maintain water at a temperature of 90-95 ° C and thermodynamically remove most of the oxygen. Complete with external insulation. 800 l 20.000 l
FW Water tank and condensate collection, vertical or horizontal. It can be made of both carbon steel and stainless steel. 300 l 6.000 l
BD Blow down collection tank. It contains an automatic cooling system that allows you to bring the water below the permissible temperature before discharging it. Vertical configuration. 150 l 2.000 l
G Steam accumulator, made horizontally or vertically. Complete with external insulation. 500 l 18.000 l
VES Expansion vessel for thermal oil or water. It can be realized in atmospheric or pressurized version, vertical or horizontal. Complete with accessories. 200 l 6.000 l
OST Oil storage tank, horizontal, for earthed or surface installations 300 l 15.000 l