High pressure steam generator (up to 110 bar), with natural circulation

Typology: coil, 3 passes, through furnace, vertical, designed for high pressure, natural circulation systems

Capacity: 100,000 kcal/h – 5,000,000 kcal/h

Many technological processes, especially in the food industry, require the use of heat producing systems capable of achieving high temperatures (above 250 °C). To get so high temperatures, many industries rely on diathermic oil boilers, but it is not allowed in the food sector due to the intrinsic danger of pollution. The solution is therefore to use high pressure steam and, for this reason, the GMT/HP steam generator represents the ideal system.

These generators, with gas or liquid fuel, operate without condensate drain, water treatment and circulation pump. They are easy to install and they don’t have any collectors or special connections. The version / AR includes a smoke / air exchanger that preheats the combustion air at the expense of the residual heat of the flue gases, improving the efficiency of the equipment.

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