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Improvement in energic efficiency at Ondulati ed Imballaggi del Friuli

We recently published an article on Carta&Cartiere magazine which showed the realization of an installation in a company specialized in the production of corrugated fiberboard packaging.

Below you can find part of our article:

Ondulati ed Imballaggi del Friuli S.p.A. is a company specialized in the production of corrugated fiberboard packaging (american boxes, die-cut boxes, cardboard separators, angulars) for international clients such as Unilever, Ikea, Norbert Marcher, Alpla Werke, Ljubljanske Mlekarne.

During 2019, in the Villesse plant (GO) the construction of a cogeneration installation was completed, and it was put into service. It is composed of 6 gas turbines supplied by Ansaldo Energia, 6 afterburners produced by Thermosanita srl and a heat recovery steam generator built and put into service by Svecom P.E. S.r.l.

The planning of the installation and the work coordination were entrusted to Studio Tecnico Ing.Berna office, in San Stino di Livenza.

The installation produces electric energy through the turbines, and at the same time it generates steam thanks to the recuperator supplied by us. As a matter of fact, the generator uses the exhaust fumes produced by turbines furtherly heated by the afterburner, and it produces saturated steam at 16bar.

The main components of the boiler are:

  • Smoke tube evaporator, with main bedplate, external insulation made of mineral wool, smoke entrance chamber internally protected by refractory and smoke exit chamber
  • Finned tubes economizer downstream of the evaporator
  • Power group with two centrifugal pumps and automatic capacity control valve
  • Set of accessories for the regulation and the safety of the equipment
  • Boiler control panel



Model NG/EG 5000/18
Type Smoke tube heat recovery steam generator
Evaporator project pressure 18 bar(g)
Evaporator working pressure 16 bar(g)
Powering water entrance temperature 130°C
Entrance smoke capacity 21902 kg/h a 650°C
Steam production 5083 kg/h
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