Low pressure steam generators

Typology: Fire tubes, 3 passes, wet back, reverse flame, horizontal, low pressure

Capacity: 100 kg/h – 3,000 kg/h

The GBP steam generator is a system working with pressurized combustion for industrial use, which allows you to produce between 100 and 3,000 kg of steam. It is available in two versions: design pressure 0,5 barg and design pressure 0,98 barg.

The 0,5 barg version is excluded from the scope of the PED directive and for this reason, in Italy, it does not require continuous supervision, commissioning or periodic inspections. The 0,98 barg version is excluded from the scope of application of UNITS11325-3 and is exempted, in Italy, by the continuous presence of the licensed driver according to article 39 of D.M.21/05/1974.

It is built according to the most advanced techniques, is equipped with a large flame inversion furnace, cylindrical, closed to the back end. The combustion gases, thanks to the pressurization that takes place in the combustion chamber, return to the front to take the tube bundle and be conveyed into the smoke collection chamber and then to the chimney.

The GBP boiler works with any type of fuel, liquid or gaseous, and is delivered complete, ready to the operation, equipped with the equipment of protection and security.