Boilers for naval applications

Our experience is not limited to the industrial sector; we are also specialized in the design, production and installation of naval boilers for marine applications in temperate, tropical or arctic waters, and also for fluvial and lacustrine applications.

The ships are, by their nature, isolated from the outside world and must therefore be completely independent from different points of view, including the energetic one. Each vessel needs one or more systems for generating and transferring heat, for heating the rooms and services, for maintaining the temperature of the cargo and/or for preheating the fuel of the engines.

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The systems can be made in various ways, depending on the type of vessel, and use different thermal vectors that can be, in particular, steam, diathermic oil, hot or overheated water. We provide generators and plant components for all types of systems. Our products have been installed on cargo ships carrying chemical or petroleum products, ferries and even on cruise ships.

The technical department is able to support the customer in every phase of development, from the choice of equipment to the final use. Garioni’s naval boilers are designed to use typical marine fuels, such as heavy and light fuel oil and also MGO, low viscosity marine oil with a low sulfur content, which is mandatory in all European port areas and many other areas in the world. We evaluate and study innovative solutions such as LNG combustion. We also produce heat recovery units that transfer energy from the exhaust fumes of the engines and the ship’ s generators to the plants.

Safety in the open sea comes first and for this reason we scrupulously follow the naval registers and applies the relevant certifications. The work of highly skilled welders and technicians and the supervision of the inspectors makes our naval boilers the ideal product to face with ease an ocean crossing or a cruise.

We know that technological development is very fast and brings with it the birth of new needs. For this reason, the research and development department is always engaged in the search for new solutions for the improvement of energy efficiency and for the integration with the most modern electronic systems. In fact, we can create systems that can interface with the most recent supervision systems, to allow operators to monitor the plant’s operating parameters from any location, record events and perform remote assistance.

Last but not least, the after-sales service is always active in providing the customer with spare parts and quick solutions, so as to ensure the operation of the ship in all conditions.

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