Heater for superheated water, coil type

Typology: Coil, 3 passes, horizontal or vertical, for superheated water

Capacity: 150,000 kcal/h – 7,000,000 kcal/h

Water heaters in horizontal and vertical versions for temperatures up to 180 °C and pressure up to 10 barg. Upon request versions for higher temperature and pressure may be realized.

The GMT/AS and GMT/AS/V heaters have been specially designed for maximum efficiency. On these boilers, you can install any type of market-based burner, thus facilitating assistance in every area at the lowest cost.

They are characterized by:

  • Small dimensions
  • Quick startup
  • Maximum operational safety
  • Minimum quantity of refractory material
  • Tubular bundle with one or more coiled spiral, balanced and well dimensioned in order to prevent cracking phenomena
  • Large volume combustion chamber
  • Limited water content

Made in both horizontal and vertical versions, to better accommodate customer space requirements.

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