Innovazione e sviluppo

We are constantly expanding, we are a company based on constant growth and innovation, both from a technological and commercial point of view. We have the world as border. And we cross it every day with our skills, which include engineering, production, logistics, installation, testing and technical assistance. All this to be able to design and to build heating systems more and more in line with market demands and customer expectations, with an eye constantly focused on environmental protection and sustainable development.

Our departments, from the commercial one, the assistance, the production, the purchases, are constantly evolving. This is especially true for Technical Department, which has grown a lot in recent years with the addition of highly experienced, constantly trained and updated personnel. More and more, in fact, it is asked to design the entire system, not more than the individual boiler. Qualified professional figures are therefore necessary, able to assess the client’s needs, recommend the type of boiler, its potential, the sizing of the pipes, the different types of regulation and control equipment most suitable.

Saldatore con maschera

Close contact with the customer has enabled us to optimize the product range over the years, fostering what proved to be the strengths of the individual products, and improving the specificity of the individual machines, in order to propose an increasingly competitive from a technical standpoint and also economic. Optimization of the systems we aim very, convinced that the greatest energy recovery lies precisely in reducing waste and minimizing environmental impact.