New entry in the Garioni Naval team!

Garioni Naval activities are progressing fast, to the point that it has resulted necessary to enlarge the staff in order to face, in a faster way, the numerous requests coming from the market. For this reason, for about a month, Lea Sartori has become part of the team.

Lea is a young energy engineer with a strong passion for this field. Her expertise goes from the planning of installation for energy production, to the knowledge of the main energy production, storage and distribution technologies, to the energy conversion efficiency.

In reference to Garioni Naval products, all these skills are very important. Moreover, we have already noticed that her communication skills, her precision and her wide knowledge in software programming management and drawing, have immediately positively stroke the clients that have had the opportunity to work with her.

Therefore, good luck to Lea Sartori for the continuation of her working career in the Garioni Naval family!