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    Garioni Naval is ASME certified to guarantee construction quality for all his products. The ASME code is the oldest and most used construction code for boilers and pressure appliances.

    The ASME certification includes construction, control, test and certification requirements which are
    mandatory in the USA and all provinces of Canada. This certification is accepted as a Third-Party inspection by the authorities of more than 100 nations.
    The ASME code today is the standard reference for pressure equipment manufacturers.

    The ASME Code – Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code was born in the United States of America as a result of the growing safety requirements for pressure equipment and the need to standardize existing standards regarding the design, construction and inspection of these.

    What is the ASME certification about?

    • Manufacturer Certification
    • Quality insurance
    • Design
    • Construction
    • Pressure components test


    • Global consulting: a team of professionals will analyse all the problems related to your heating system, from the study of the plant to the management of the boiler room.
    • Maintenance program: a programmed maintenance system will allow to maintain your plants in excellent state, to extend its guarantee, to optimize the consumptions and avoid production interruptions.
    • Rapid response: for those who adhere to the “scheduled maintenance” formula, we guarantee intervention priorities, where possible within 24 hours from the request.
    • Guaranteed spare parts: certainty of original spares, spare parts always available, rapid delivery.
    • Reduced costs: the general control and complete cleaning program guarantees longer system life, lower consumption and lower extraordinary maintenance costs.

      In recent years we have changed a lot, but we maintain and guarantee the same experience and attention to the customer as always.


      We represent a global reality. Our solutions are intended for both the European and non-European markets, with a view to constant growth and international development.


      We are a solid group, a flexible strategic partner. We are the right answer for those who want more and more effective and long lasting thermal machines.


      We are able to offer a wide range of customized products and services integrated into a global plant solution.

    Close contact with the customer has enabled us to optimize the product range over the years, fostering what proved to be the strengths of the individual products, and improving the specificity of the individual machines, in order to propose an increasingly competitive from a technical standpoint and also economic. Optimization of the systems we aim very, convinced that the greatest energy recovery lies precisely in reducing waste and minimizing environmental impact.

    We guarantee technical assistance before and after sale, we schedule maintenance operations and we supply always original spare parts. Our company aims to a continuous development to be able to offer products more and more in line with customer expectations, environmental protection and energy efficiency.