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The 2011 edition of the Table Mountain Summit Blues Summit is taking place at Bloemendal Winehouse at South Africa on Saturday 26 November 2011.
Attached they are some pictures of the concert.
We will like to thank Mr. Grant Renecle of the company “Combustion Technology” for his cooperation and his great support.

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Garioni Naval is happy to announce that starting from January 10th 2010 a new branch office in the USA has been opened.

That is:


333 Curie Drive, Alpharetta, GA 30005

tel (2770) 777-2570

Cell (2404) 226-6347

We wish Brett Hartley (2who will run the new agency) and ourselves the very best of common fortunes and success on the future proceedings.

Chronicle of the (almost) chance beginning of collaboration between an italian and a german company

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I’d like to relate this professional experience to show that sometimes it is indeed true that all roads lead to Rome!

In the Spring of 2005 my work schedule had brought me to Piedmont to SUN EXPORT, where the scope of negotiations was an NG.C 2000 with accumulator, to be installed in Egypt in the locally famous refrigerator manufacturing plant, Kiriazi.

The occasion was completely successful, apart from the culinary delights of the Piedmont region, also the negotiations were brought to a positive conclusion. Once commissioned, the NG-C not only completely fulfilled the requirements of the end customer, but also those of the plant builder, the German company KURTZ, one of the top names in the arena of expanded polystyrene machinery manufacturers.

Thanks also to information arriving from Kamal in Egypt, we managed to unearth a contact for Kurtz in Germany. At this point it was time to close the circle by contacting the German company directly, especially considering that each aspect of the project had reached a positive conclusion. At this point I’d like to introduce the German expert of our team: Alberto Ratti, who plans his moves with the customary introductions and phone calls, pending the tangible possibility of organising a meeting.

Then in January 2006 we got a golden opportunity at the PLAST 06 exhibition in Rho. We find out that Kurtz will be there!!!

With Alberto, all ready with his perfect language skills, up we walk to the stand where we are instantly surprised to discover that the main reference person for KURTZ is of Italian origin (2third generation of Italian immigrants), so, apart from his exquisite cordiality and technical competence, he is perfectly fluent in Italian, just like his trusted assistant!

So, with us all speaking more or less the same language, discussions range from price lists to accumulators, soccer and politics.

Then, spotting a mountain bike helmet among the various product samples I feel absolutely at home – because off – road biking is one of my greatest passions!

Since then, since that visit to Turin, Kurtz has purchased an electric boiler, is in the process of purchasing an NGC 2500 for a project in Tunisia, and more generally always keeps us in the picture. Their engineers were our very welcome guests at the Garioni Naval International Meeting of last March.

If it weren’t for the fact that I haven’t yet managed to get my hands on the much admired (2and pledged) cycle helmet, the situation would be absolutely ideal!

Careggi cogeneration plant

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Another step in the energy field with the acquisition of the contract for construction of the Careggi Hospital cogeneration plant in Florence.

The plant in question is designed to produce 10 MW electrical power and approximately 15.6 MW thermal power to serve the hospital.

The contract, awarded to our company by the INSO corporation, which is responsible for the building and general engineering works in addition to supplying the turbine, envisages the planning, construction and turnkey installation of a heat recovery steam generator for the production of saturated steam.

The turbine, manufactured by Nuovo Pignone, is a natural gas fired GE 10 unit, achieving electrical efficiency in excess of 30 % with a flue gas flow rate in design conditions of approximately 50 kg/sec at a temperature approaching 500 °C.

Downstream of the turbine, the finned water tube boiler produces steam at an operating pressure of 10 bar absolute, utilising heat taken from the high temperature flue gases.

The requested steam output of 23 t/h makes it possible to meet the thermal requirements of the hospital in terms of heating and technological services.

To optimise exchange efficiency, an economiser will be installed downstream of the boiler to preheat the feed water, thus completely exploiting the heat that can be recovered from the flue gases, the outlet temperature of which is reduced to approximately 150°C.

The boiler is complete with systems for level and pressure regulation, control, and safety that manage the unit and interface with the plant supervision system.

The supply also includes a series of devices and accessories that complete the plant and optimise its functionality.

The following equipment is included: flue gas by-pass system, main stack, pipes for connection between the various components, deaerator with its supporting structure, support access metal fabrication work, plus the blow-down tank.

The by-pass system includes a modulating diverter that can reduce the flue gas flow in the boiler with adjustment of steam production on the basis of user demand, while also providing a safety in the event of faults or electrical circuit overloads. A silencer designed to restrict noise emissions from the gas turbine to 85 dB(2A) at the stack outlet. A by-pass stack to discharge the flue gas to the atmosphere when the gas passage is diverted.

The main stack is 25 m in height and it allows the flue gas to be expelled in such a way as to avoid the possible return of pollutants to the soil.

The thermophysical deaerator preheats and deoxygenises the boiler feed water, mixing the condensate returning from the plant with the treated feed water water. This function is of critical importance to ensure adequate protection of the boiler, avoiding problems of corrosion or possible temperature shock potentially caused by supplying the boiler drum with excessively low temperature water.

The blow-down tank is designed to collect the surface and bottom blowndown from the boiler before it is routed to the drainage circuit .

Special attention was paid to the insulation of each and every component because, also in consideration of the temperatures involved, it was considered essential to guarantee an adequate level of protection and minimise heat loss in order to optimise system efficiency.

Also the metal supporting structures of the various components were carefully calculated, since they are designed for incorporation with the structure of the thermal power plant room; they were also required to provide anchor points for the various ladders and gangways, with which the plant is equipped in order to provide access to control positions and for maintenance and inspection requirements.

The contract therefore envisages engineering and construction at our works, combined with the erection of the various components on site.

As stated above, this is yet another step in the world of localised energy production, a field in which we are becoming increasingly active and involved in the development of technologies and the construction of plants in collaboration with other key players in the sector, with which we can develop highly beneficial synergies.